How Do I Make Yahoo My Main Home Page And Search Engine?

Somehow, I got WEB SEARCH as my home page and search engine. I prefer Yahoo

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One Response to “How Do I Make Yahoo My Main Home Page And Search Engine?”

  • Barkley Hound says:

    To make ANY page your home page do the following.
    First go to the page you want to be your home page.
    A. If you are using Internet Explorer.
         1. There is a little house icon on the Command Bar.
         2. Click on the triangle next to it and then “add or change home page”.
         3. Select the correct option.
    B. For any browser.
         1. Go to tools > options (or internet options).
         2. Select the first tab or section (main or general).
         3. Select the option to make the current page your home page.
    To change default search
    For Internet Explorer
    Click the down arrow in the search box in the upper right.
    Select Manage Search Providers.
    Change the default.
    Find More Providers should bring you to a list where you can add more to the list.
    For Firefox
    Type about:config into the URL box.
    Type keyword.url into filter
    For Google use this parameter
    For Yahoo use this parameter
    ? ??l???q ?

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